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Mayflower Dermal Fillers

Botox Injections

Sir Cliff Richard, the "Peter Pan of Pop" has recently revealed the secret to his youthfulness..... Botox© Injections of course!

For the elimination of "crows feet", forehead lines and frown lines Botox© is the answer. Not only does this eliminate the signs of ageing but after several treatments Botox© will reverse the ageing process.

Dr Kim Lloyd has been attending Mayflowers for about ten years, but now wants to spend more time with her family, so Joanna, Mayflowers owner, has trained as a Botox practitioner, is a member of the highly professional and regulated CTIA and will now be able to offer treatments whenever you want them. Kim continues to be one of Joanna’s mentors.

Treatment prices begin at around £200 and we offer a reduction if you are having more than one treatment at a time, for example forehead and crows feet may only be £300 instead of £400.

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